Who we are

Lab Digital believes that the best digital work is done in an environment where space, trust, and personal growth is central. Our team makes this possible.

We focus on ambitions, dreams, and development for our team, clients, and partners.

Michael van Tellingen
  • Focused on all things around technology
  • Strives for the best quality / solution
  • Automate everything!
  • Open Source everything!
Michael van Tellingen VP of engineering
  • Good with numbers
  • Focussed
  • Family person
  • Loves good food & wine
  • Likes to be in nature
Malou Roeleveld Finance manager
Chiel te Loeke
  • Jack of all trades
  • Loves mountains and skiing
  • Early bird
  • Fuelled by coffee
Chiel te Loeke Operations manager
Johnny Heyne
  • Pixel-perfect designer
  • Experience: 12 years and counting
  • Less = more
  • Prefers tea over coffee
  • Plays guitar on rainy sunday mornings
Johnny Heyne Digital designer
Niels Smits
  • 17 years digital
  • Purpose focused
  • 3 children + 1
  • Needs space & loves growth
Niels Smits Co-founder / Managing director
  • Ableton & Techno
  • Dachshund & Family
  • Technical, Driven by curiosity
  • Word Jokes
  • Spareribs & Rendang
Peter Dubbeld Engineering manager
  • Structure and order make me happy
  • Doesn’t like to cook, but loves baking
  • Likes reading psychological thrillers
  • Crazy about drop (candy)
  • Cat Digital (x3)
Vivianne van der Linden Planning & recruitment manager
  • There’s a solution for everything
  • Father of two daughters
  • Structure and overview
  • Road bike fan
  • Always has his notebook with him
Menno Beeren Operations & delivery manager
  • Change is the only constant
  • The best learning experience is to do it
  • Walking, reading, cooking
  • Guitar & synthesizers
Paul Heetebrij Senior javascript engineer

We continuously improve ourselves and our processes, striving to maximise the benefits for our clients.

  • Enjoys watching and practicing sports
  • Gregarious
  • Enjoys achieving digital ambitions with the team
  • Not easily fazed
  • Special beer lover
Casper van Koppenhagen Digital consultant
Arjan Meulenbrugge
  • Passionate about my work
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Great sense of responsibility
  • Also passionate about the Football capital of the Netherlands
Arjan Meulenbrugge Digital consultant
Pim Vernooij
  • Loves the intersection of business and IT
  • Needs problems to solve and innovation
  • Likes taming mountains on the racing bike
Pim Vernooij Co-founder / CTO
  • I was born digital
  • Loves to work with energetic people
  • There is no try, only do
  • Dislikes narrow-mindedness
  • Family man, travel and sports
Michiel Tielemans Commercial director
Kors van Loon
  • Code wizard
  • Dart & Flutter enthusiast
  • Loves all music with rock organs
  • Does compute
  • Does not commute
Kors van Loon Front-end developer
  • Eager to learn
  • Organized and rational
  • Programming, 3D modelling
  • Likes coffee, cats, code and motorcycles!
Nicole Nisters Python software engineer
Erik van Zuylen.jpg
  • Projects & Organization
  • Loves the 'big chunks'
  • Addicted to people & business development
  • The 'easy classical playlist'
  • Cat Digital
Erik van Zuylen Organization development manager
  • Whiskey, tea and "weird" music
  • Gets immense satisfaction from simplifying code, infrastructure and abstraction
  • Has really high standards and want to grow towards them
  • The most serious silly person you'll ever meet
Kim Romero System engineer
Niels Westerneng
  • Father of Loki
  • Huge nerd
  • Energetic and opiniated
  • Runner
  • Fantasy writer
  • Loves cars, cats and cooking
Niels Westerneng Creative director

We believe that technological innovation and balanced digital design still need the magic of human hands.

  • Every day is a school day
  • Personal development is key
  • Petrol head
  • DIY enthusiast
Connor Young Junior test automation engineer
  • Enjoys the small things in life
  • Indie music and rock
  • Black belt in après-ski
  • Coffee! Almost forgot to mention coffee
Antoine Hurkmans Digital consultant
Paul Stevens
  • Code monkey
  • Infra geek
  • Dad of three
  • Grey but no beard
Paul Stevens Python software engineer
  • Structured & accurate
  • Working on the best solutions with the team
  • Playing sports (squash/cycling)
  • (board)games
Gerben van der Laan Technical solutions architect
  • Happy to help
  • Neat and orderly
  • Likes to draw
  • Animal friend
  • Running/walking in nature
Marjolein L'Honoré Naber Office manager
Boris Besemer
  • Daily world traveler
  • Gaming & sport enthusiast
  • Part-time sneaker collector
  • Cat Digital
  • Anything with 303
Boris Besemer Javascript lead
  • Hobby skateboarder
  • Flew in from Zeeland
  • Digital but loves analogue
  • Order out of chaos
  • Film photographer
  • All for the best experience
Gaël van Heijst UX designer
  • Music lover
  • Curious
  • Passion for technology
  • Car fanatic
  • Loves the outdoors
Ard-Jan Aalberts Back-end developer
  • Photography
  • Walking
  • Love for Amsterdam
  • Tech-savvy
  • Gadgets
Erik de Vries Digital solutions architect

Our team has a broad digital experience, but we stand by our specialisations.

Els Gosens
  • Project Management
  • People person
  • 100 things at a time
  • Loves good food & wine
  • Cat Digital
Els Gosens Digital consultant
Mike Dingjan
  • Python expert
  • Ridiculously talented programmer
  • Adrenaline junkie
  • Dedicated festival experience entrepreneur
Mike Dingjan Technical lead
Mitchell Slager
  • Likes to code pretty stuff
  • Electronic Music elitist
  • Art house film buff
  • Cat Digital
Mitchell Slager Javascript engineer
Nando Davis
  • Student Artificial Intelligence
  • Youngest Lab employee
  • Soccer
  • Cat Digital
Nando Davis Python software engineer
  • Front-end developer
  • Likes to keep it DRY
  • Amateur in four hobbies
  • Bookworm
Jorg van Maaren Front-end developer
  • Metal afficionado
  • Traded in the car for the bike
  • Incredibly curious
  • GraphQL fanatic
  • Likes to roll d20s
  • Cat Digital
Bram Kaashoek Full-stack developer
  • Addicted to Marvel movies
  • Passionate about cooking
  • Cat Digital
  • Smartphone expert
Leon Graumans Junior software engineer
  • 15+ years working in Digital
  • Modular synthesizers
  • Manga’s and graphic novels
  • Techno Music
  • Father of Milan and Luca
  • Asian food
Marcel Veltrop Digital consultant (freelancer)
Kim Scholten
  • Loves to make people happy
  • Problem solver
  • In love with my rabbit
  • Likes to think I can make the world a better place
Kim Scholten Digital consultant

Pushing the boundaries of digital technology is what drives us.

  • Undercover wizard
  • 'The world belongs to the optimists'
  • Haskell fanboy
  • Avid dancer
Max Ziegler Junior software engineer
  • Creative at heart
  • Keeping myself and the client excited
  • Musician
  • Batman-fan
  • I tattoo myself
Seth Laisina Digital art director
  • Meticulous
  • Creative
  • Creates order from chaos
  • Automation = optimalisation
  • Changing the world, one step at a time
Bas Rath Test engineer
Jasper Berghoef
  • Dark roasted coffee aficionado
  • Indie music and arthouse films
  • Combines creativity with technology
  • Self-proclaimed autodidact
Jasper Berghoef Technical strategist
  • Technologist
  • Pragmatist
  • Loves science and nature
  • Festival freak
  • Automate all the things
Jeroen Ubbink Software engineer (freelancer)
David Lab Digital
  • DevOps before it was cool
  • Loves to learn new things
  • Crazy cat guy
  • Good weather cyclist
David Weterings Python software engineer (freelancer)
Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 12.32.15.png
  • Full stack developer
  • Focus on performance and maintainability
  • Loves fitness and cars
  • Programs secretly in Ruby in his spare time
Mike de Bock Full stack developer (freelancer)
  • 23 years in digital
  • Veteran of 6 startups
  • Addicted to problem solving
  • Love Scuba and cooking (not together)
Seb Potter Technical strategist
  • Opensource fan
  • Living the fitness lifestyle
  • Likes building the impossible
Tycho Bokdam Solution architect (freelancer)

We enable growth with innovative digital products. That makes us reel with excitement!

  • Digital Consultant a.i.
Dunya Timmers Digital consultant (freelancer)
  • Goal - oriented
  • Road cyclist
  • Passion for technology
  • Curious by nature
Maurice Ilmer Digital consultant
  • Curious
  • Family person
  • Music lover
  • Welding & cutting
Rob Boerman Technical Architect
  • Works in the digital industry since 2000
  • Builds bridges between business and IT
  • Loves entrepreneurship, building and innovating
  • Fulfilling promises
  • And dreams of exploring the world by bike
Gijs Edelbroek Solutions Director
  • Passionate Python adept
  • Addicted to listening to music
  • Happy camper (VW-T3)
  • Stepdad (x3)
  • Cat digital (x2)
  • Dog digital (x1)
Marcel Hekking Python software engineer
Michiel Bijland
  • Designing Solutions
  • Passionate about security
  • Outdoor sports
  • BMW R 1150 GS
Michiel Bijland Infrastructure lead
Doggo Lab Digital
  • Party animal
  • Favorite song; "Who let the dogs out" - Baha men
  • Eats batteries for breakfast
  • Doesn't like to go outside
Doggo Office dog / Dj
Vincent van der Brink
  • Tests for the details
  • A 'can do it all'
  • People person
  • Loves racing
Vincent van den Brink Test engineer (freelancer)
Tim Leguijt
  • Back-End developer
  • Photographer
  • Tends to train his QWERTY fingers on the rock
  • Pantam player and wanna-be rockstar in an post-30 all-fathers band
Tim Leguijt Senior software engineer (freelancer)

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