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December 2021

Suzuki produces cars that use smart and thoughtful innovations. As more and more sales are online and individuals are opting for a new car under a private lease contract, Suzuki decided they had to move quickly to make sure no sales requests were being missed. Lab Digital helped them with the development of a private lease configuration and checkout tool.

Launch date Services
June 2019 UX, Design, Development


The number of private lease customers has quadrupled over the last 2 years. To handle all these requests some serious work had to be done, as the old online funnel was more focused on car configuration only. Customers should be able to conclude a private lease contract in as few steps as possible. Lab Digital developed a private lease tool that gives customers the option to do so. 

The tool

Because we developed a similar private lease tool for Toyota and Lexus a couple of years ago, it made sense to duplicate most of those features and only change the look and feel and add some Suzuki specific business rules. We integrate with a system of Alcredis, the private lease subsidiary, to show the correct cars, prices and model information. After submitting a request the customer receives an order confirmation email and Alcredis will take care of the rest. 


Configure & order

A customer has 3 options after selecting a model and configuration. First of all, they can apply for a private lease car right away after filling in their details. Car configurations can also be sent to an email address to give customers a chance to have a look at it later. Finally, it’s possible to request some extra information. In that case a dealer will give the customer a call to discuss all the possibilities and, for example, plan a test drive.



As the Toyota and Lexus private lease tools were developed some years ago in Backbone/Javascript and the world of technology moves fast, we decided to use React instead. React is a framework developed by Facebook. It's open sourced and the library is used by over a million other websites, such as Uber and Netflix. React is flexible, reliable and very stable; a perfect choice for the private lease tool.

And where we use an iFrame to integrate the tool in the Toyota website, the tool for Suzuki is shown in-site on the relevant web pages right away.

The challenge in developing the Suzuki private lease tool was to use a clean code base, where only the look and feel differs between the different car brands.
We managed to create something beautiful that made our client and ourselves very happy. By using React as the main framework, we were also able to develop a component that Suzuki can easily integrate into its website. - Kors van Loon - Front-end developer, Lab Digital

Media campaign

Suzuki planned for a really big media campaign starting in the beginning of June. As the contract between Lab Digital and Suzuki was signed in the beginning of May, we had less than 4 weeks for the development and content integration. A challenge we accepted and managed to meet!



The addition of the private lease checkout and order now button resulted in twice as many leads sent to Suzuki private lease dealers and a 265% growth in private lease contracts via the website!

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