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Dealer makeover

December 2021

Louwman & Parqui (L&P) is the Dutch importer of the Japanese car brands Toyota and Lexus. They are responsible for the marketing and sales of all those models via their dealership network and leasing companies. Lab Digital helped with a total makeover of all Toyota dealer sites in the Netherlands.

Launch date Services
November 2019 Design, Development

Brand values vs. local character

L&P offered a Sitecore solution for dealer sites for some time. This solution turned out to be too complicated for many dealers, which was one of the main reason why some dealers decided to create their own Toyota dealer website. This resulted in a variety of websites with inconsistent user experiences, which did not meet Toyota's digital standards, so L&P decided that work needed to be done.

This is where Lab Digital, after winning the pitch, came in. Our challenge? Convey the brand values of Toyota while giving a dealer enough options to retain their local character.



We started with a pilot for 5 various Toyota dealers within The Netherlands. From very small with just one location to larger dealers with multiple locations. We wanted to involve the dealers from the beginning so we could turn them into ambassadors of the new platform. After a definition phase, where we analysed the current dealer landscape and necessary components, we created the pilot backlog that was then developed within 6 sprints (12 weeks).

Local character

As mentioned earlier, the success of the dealer sites depends on whether the dealers will ultimately use it. Therefore, within the new site, dealers are able to tell their own story, share local news and promotions, opening hours and contact information. Besides that, L&P is still able to add or change national news and promotions to show on the local dealer sites.

Wagtail CMS

With Wagtail as our preferred CMS solution we took a risk by presenting this as our weapon of choice during the pitch. But as one of the four end goals was to get a 'childishly simple' CMS for dealers to use, we really thought this was the way to go. And with success! After only one afternoon of training all pilot dealers felt confident to start using the new dealer site we've developed for each and one of them!


Website generator

Within Wagtail we've created one master site that can generate all the dealer sites with just a click of a button. After stating the name of the dealer and the domain name, a copy of the master site is created that includes all subpages, images, documents, links and other relevant information. This makes it really easy for L&P to add new dealers to the platform. Besides that, L&P can access all the dealer sites via the same admin environment while dealers only have access to their own admin environment.

Tools & integrations

Some other cool features were created as well. Like the dealer map: a very important tool because we moved from 'location sites' to just one 'dealer site' per dealer. This meant that dealers with for instance 26 locations and as many websites, only have one website now. With the help of the dealer map users can, in case of a multiple location dealer, easily find the location closest to their hometown. 

There's also a seamless integration with the external Occasions and Private lease tools and existing forms like the scheduling of an appointment with a garage. 



We used the Python Django and React Native frameworks to build the Toyota dealer sites. Wagtail CMS was a simple and elegant solution for L&P and all dealers, offering flexibility and simplicity and helping us create a smooth bespoke template workflow for the client. Hosting of all the dealer sites takes place in Azure Cloud.



After the successful release of the 5 pilot dealers in November, the other dealers followed soon. Since december 2019 all dealers within the Netherlands are using the new platform provided by Louwman & Parqui. The Toyota-feeling is present again!

The active involvement of the pilot dealers in the development process has proved to be one of the success factors of this project.
Input and feedback came straight from the source, this helped us to focus on the right things. We didn't just 'build for', we really worked with L&P and the Toyota dealers to create these dealer sites. - Arjan Meulenbrugge, Digital Consultant at Lab Digital

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