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Energy, digitalised.

December 2021

Liander is the largest grid manager in the Netherlands. Much of their customer interaction occurs offline, but the goal is to shift consumers and business customers to self-service and personal digital service. Liander also wants to work more efficiently as an organisation. Lab Digital supports Liander with various projects to meet this goal. A case to be proud of!

Launch date Services
March 2020 UX, Design, Development


Liander is on a mission to and optimise its services. Lab Digital supports this aim with cutting-edge software development, UX expertise, and holistic digital strategy. Our relationship is close, and we’re deep-rooted in the digital transformation of this impressive organisation.

Brand asset repository

A brand must maintain its identity, and guidelines are essential. We digitalised the Liander brand assets in a Sketch file and branded website. This is an interactive UX library, allowing designers and developers to access guidelines and useful content. It is scalable for other internal teams and contractors, helping Liander keep consistency without a cluttered paper trail.

It was very valuable for our team to work with Lab Digital on the digital style guide.
The brand website allows us to improve our online customer experience more efficiently. Lab Digital's thoughtful advice has made us look at UX differently and become better at design.. — Suzanne Donselaar, Product Owner - Liander

Digital design

The Digitale Meterkast provides quick information to customers about their connection on a digital profile. This reduces customer service calls and postal communications, taking the critical first step towards personalisation and self-service.


The Serviceklussen is an eCommerce proof of concept, enabling customers to manage their connection capacity. This has been a revolutionary idea, vastly simplifying the process for the customer and creating big efficiencies for Liander.


Digital strategy

We are partners in digital strategy with Liander, focusing on building seamless customer experiences. One project was focused on translating Liander's strategy into an online end-to-end digital customer service. We proposed a platform with personalised and non-personalised content, containing functional elements and a personal environment for consumers and small businesses.

Digitalisation in the form of self-service is reshaping the whole landscape for network operators.
It is a great opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and raise awareness of their role in our society. Niels Westerneng, Creative Director - Lab Digital


Oscar Commerce, the open-source eCommerce framework based on Python and Django, was chosen for the Serviceklussen POC. The back-end is a REST API and the front-end is a single page ReactJS application. We have built integrations with iDeal and other microservices built by Liander, which are connected to ClickSchedule and SAP.



Liander is becoming a more efficient and digitalised organisation. Customers will enjoy a seamless digital experience, and achieve their goals quicker than ever. This digital transformation has just got started, with plenty of exciting developments on the horizon.

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