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KPMG Advisory N.V.

Valuations made easy

December 2021

KPMG is a worldwide financial organization focusing on 3 main services: financial audits, tax, and advisory. Lab Digital worked together with Fabrique to develop a business valuation tool for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Launch date Services
December 2019 Design, Development

The problem

KPMG Advisory N.V. wants to help small and medium sized companies with the valuation of their business, as they already do for larger corporates. In order to provide an affordable solution that truly meets the needs of SMEs, KPMG Corporate Finance came up with the idea to automate parts of the processes and turn it into a digital solution.



With this idea in their minds, KPMG Advisory N.V. contacted our partner Fabrique and the ‘KPMG Online Bedrijfswaarderingen’ (company valuation) tool was born. Fabrique worked on the concept and design and asked us to help with the technical development of the tool and a landing page. The tool is specifically build for the SME sector and is an addition to the traditional services as provided by KPMG Corporate Finance. 

Landing page

The landing page helps SMEs in the decision-making process, and KPMG Corporate Finance with selling their product. The page explains the tool and steps you need to take to receive a first valuation. After creating an account you gain access to the real tool. You start by answering a couple of questions to receive a first, and free, indication of the value of your company.


Account types

After you’ve received your first indication, you can upgrade your account to a Basic, Plus or Premium account. A Basic account gives you a compact report explaining the valuation. A Plus account requires some extra data to make the valuation more accurate and gives you a more extensive final report. Finally, a Premium account is everything from the Plus account with the extra of a personal consultation to discuss the report and valuation. The different account levels are suitable within different contextual situations, ranging from a quick company value indication to mergers, acquiring external capital or management buy-in or buy-out.



We’ve integrated with the customer database of KPMG and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). This is to fully automate client onboarding while still respecting KPMG’s policies regarding Independence and Risk as a provider of both Assurance and Advisory services. With the help of both integrations we can check if the company can actually proceed with upgrading their account.

Business logic

Although the tool seems to be very straightforward, a lot of complex business rules, formulas and data are being processed in the backend. For instance, the tool compares all your data with data from other companies in the same industry. The graphs and tables you’ll find in your report show industries as well as company specific information. Some serious development skills came in handy to create all the output! KPMG Advisory N.V. is able to edit and add information themselves via the CMS we’ve implemented.



The landing page and tool we developed are ready for multiple languages via the integration of Transifex, a tool we often use for managing multilingual content. We use Wagtail as the CMS which is developed in React and Django/Python. Adyen is used as the payment provider and we use Celery to ensure a user doesn’t notice all the complex calculations and report generations that are going on in the background.



The ‘KPMG Online Bedrijfswaarderingen’ tool is the first digital tool KPMG Advisory N.V. developed, and it is already a success! Business units from other countries already showed interest in the tool. Besides that it is the first digital tool within KPMG in which clients are automatically onboarded and where payments can be made directly online.

Lab Digital's technical and creative qualities, combined with their dedication, have helped us realise our digital ambitions.
This has enabled us to jointly translate the intellectual property (IP) of our experts into a digital solution, aimed at a relatively new target group that we can now serve entirely online. - Alexander van der Valk, KPMG Advisory N.V.

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