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The Heineken Experience

A brand experience that sells

December 2021

The Heineken Experience has got a new website that Lab Digital was privileged to have designed and built. The result is a modern design that marries conversion and brand experience, with strong performing scalable codebase that serves pages fast, no matter the screen size or device. In this case study we shed some light on the steps we took to get there.

Launch date Services
June 2020 UX, design, development

The Home of Heineken

Located in the heart of Amsterdam lies the brewery where the magnificent story of Heineken began over a hundred and fifty years ago. Step inside this iconic brewery and the Heineken connoisseurs are happy to take you along for a walk through history, revealing parts of the brewing process of the world’s most famous beer. Needless to say, you get a chance to draft a perfect ‘fluitje’ yourself and taste it. We understand why it is the most visited tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Have you been?

The Heineken Experience website is one of the most important touchpoints in our customer journey.
It's where our guests first learn about us, book their tickets and get excited about their visit to the Home of Heineken®. - Maria Mihaylova, Sales & Marketing Manager Heineken Experience

Experience it online

We like to start a project like this with a deep dive into the user’s needs and expectations, especially in the context of the website. During this phase we research topics like the role of the website in the customer journey and explore solutions to potential dissatisfiers. In short, we seek to sell tickets, but we also want to inform, persuade and create enthusiasm around the Heineken Experience. Our audacious goal? The Heineken Experience ideally start on the website.


Green, grand, gutsy

Throughout the years the Heineken Experience has been expanded with a great attention to detail. For example, it is possible to use the companion app to enrich your tour with visual and auditory support, adding lots of exciting additional information. The bar is set high, and it was our goal to keep this upward trend of digital innovation going with the new website. Our designers created something that is both playful and simple. Quirky, yet modern and it scales from mobile to desktop states wonderfully, with the former obviously being the most important one. Our developers – in addition to creating neat, fast performing code – dug deep into a parallax scrolling effect, which causes elements on the page to float, adding to the playfulness of the design. Typography was an important stylistic component as well. With a clear, crisp and beautiful font the various text snippets stand out that much more, and in typical dutch fashion they don’t beat around the bush.

The special thing about the Heineken Experience is that it combines a heavy focus on brand experience with hardcore e-commerce.
This allowed us to push the boundaries in areas such as motion design and component scaling. Niels Westerneng - UX Strategist | Creative Lead at Lab Digital

Ready for the future

In a sense, a new website is a new beginning, and the marketing team is eager to get hands on with the new equipment. It starts with measuring and testing the new flow, and conducting a variety of experiments to improve the website and optimize its conversion. Managing the website is made particularly easy by Wagtail: a powerful, open source content management system that focuses on security and user-friendliness. In addition to ad hoc changes, Wagtail also allows administrators to set up landing pages to support campaigns and new content, and get started with personalization to further simplify the flow. The Heineken Experience website is ready for the future.


We are proud of the result, and proud to have been given the chance to work with a company as awesome as Heineken. The new website forms an excellent starting point to further shape the digital ambition of this beautiful experience with its great story and rich history. Happy clicking!

Lab Digital helped us tremendously with this task and were professional, well-organised and friendly at every step of the way.
Working with them has been a lot of fun and our team is extremely happy with the result – the is not just beautifully made in terms of design, but it’s a website that gives the team much more flexibility, a lot of personalisation options, as well as valuable data insights. — Maria Mihaylova, Sales & Marketing Manager Heineken Experience

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