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Evolution in appearance

December 2021

Heijmans has a mission that affects us all: contributing to a healthy living environment. In 1923, road contractor Jan Heijmans laid the foundation stone for his company, which would grow into a listed builder and developer.

To realise this healthy ambition, Heijmans is making its work more sustainable, optimising and digitising. With the end-user in mind: what environment and services will improve their lives? This requires a contemporary, rock-solid digital platform. And that is what we provided.

Launch date Services
March 2021 UX, Design, Development

“We’re gonna lay the first brick right here…”

Everything stands or falls with the right foundation. Thus, from a winning pitch, a fantastic new case for Heijmans was born. A brand that, over the years, has built a rich history strewn with milestones. A story that deserves attention. We were allowed to do that for them with this new corporate website. So, put on your helmet and off to the field!


Connecting online

Even though we were unable to meet physically, we sought connection elsewhere. During several online creative sessions, we gathered the necessary information. Together with Heijmans' team of technicians and storytellers, we worked on suitable storylines to which we all toasted (online!).


A strong foundation

When you see it, it starts to come alive. We like to take our clients by the hand. It is therefore a pleasure to be able to translate a corporate design into a digital design. With a strong brand like Heijmans, this requires little imagination. From this first design, our designers built further on a component-based library.

The advantage of these building blocks is obvious to a client like Heijmans. It leaves you time to focus on the customer story, and it saves a lot of design and development time. Once the building blocks have been designed, it is a matter of arranging them along a catchy storyline. This is how Heijmans' storytellers build the best stories with the components provided.


Do It Yourself approach

What you put together yourself, you know through and through. With that in mind, we flew into the three intensive sprints, in which we worked on a customised environment. Through weekly contact with content editors of Heijmans, we could count on a constant course. The strength of lies in the various formats they use to tell their stories.

Parallel to the development sprints, a period of content migration was started and both new and old content was given a nice new look, entirely in line with the house style. If you harmonise a minimalist design with sophisticated technology so well, the user interface becomes subordinate to the content. We let the images and stories speak for themselves by means of flowing animations and perfectly timed transitions. In short, technology and content flow into each other.


Constantly moving

What started as a pitch in which we put our best foot forward, grew into a full-fledged collaboration that we and the client are proud of. The result is an agile product that content editors can set up themselves with a Wagtail application. During workshops provided by Lab Digital, we show them all the ins and outs of the CMS platform. Together we gave shape to the different components.

This way, we unburden our clients with a tailor-made platform, in which they can continue to turn the knobs themselves. Based on mutual trust and close involvement, we were able to continue building with Heijmans, which makes such a significant difference to our environment. The first digital building blocks have been laid, a step towards further development has been made. By analysing the experiences of users and visitors with the right data, the website can be constantly improved and renewed.

Thanks to Lab Digital, we were able to present a website in 2021 that fits the construction company we are today: a creator of a healthy living environment.
They showed us what a future-proof and accessible digital platform can be for our strong brand, and how design can bring out the powerful storytelling even better. In a smooth and efficient process we managed to build this platform together. The beginning of a lasting cooperation with as far as we are concerned!

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