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Pon Business Mobility

Pon Business Mobility, upgraded

December 2021

Pon Business Mobility is a full-service business mobility partner, operated by Pon Automotive and serving clients globally. This content-focused website plays an influential role in the business mobility industry.

Launch date Services
June 2018 UX, Design, Development


Reflecting the revolutionary changes in corporate travel, Pon Automotive wanted to build on their experience with the Fleetwise news site to launch Pon Business Mobility. This is much more than a news site, and Lab Digital helped refine the new brand’s positioning, voice, visual design, and UX.

We began with a comprehensive discovery phase. Through collaborative workshop sessions, we investigated key goals, personas, and demographics. We upgraded the brand voice and positioning, and visualised a detailed customer journey to guide our concept.



Pon Business Mobility had to be more than a news site: a content hub, using dynamic and fixed content to demonstrate thought-leadership. The goal is to dominate the arena of corporate mobility in the Netherlands, and to build brand authority as a result. Our concept was an original content-centric website, designed to the spark the interest of our selected audience personas.

The heavy focus on content and readability was exciting.
It allowed us to break away from some of the corporate website conventions and optimize the lay-out for that purpose. - Niels Westerneng, Lab Digital

Digital design

In UX, readability is paramount. This is at the heart of our design. A clean, sharp, template was designed using large fonts and clear definition of page elements. The design is flexible, shifting style between news-based articles and fixed content, without compromising brand consistency.



Wagtail CMS was a simple and elegant solution for Pon Business Mobility, offering flexibility and helping us create a smooth bespoke template workflow for the client. Django (Python) is the powerful framework at the core of our development. Finally, Webpack helps our front-end developers to structure the application for maintainability and performance.

Lab Digital did an amazing job to help us with this great website for our corporate target group.
Their team explained technical matters in a way that enabled us to make the best decisions.


The website is fast, focused, and catered to the audience. The team at Pon Automotive has reported visitor numbers increasing at a high velocity, good engagement metrics on content, more web-generated customers, and an enhanced brand position due to better awareness.

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