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Arie Fixt 't

Caterpillar, fixed

December 2021

Arie Fixt ‘t is a smartphone app built for Pon Equipment B.V. This digital platform allows small companies who have purchased Caterpillar equipment to track equipment usage, manage maintenance schedules, and order parts.

Launch date Services
September 2018 UX, Design, Development


Pon Equipment has been a distributor of Caterpillar products since 1930. Pon is a major Dutch success story, and this is just one division of its large global enterprise. The company has a vast range of Caterpillar vehicles and machines in its catalogue, from small diggers to huge trucks. With such an active and growing customer base, Pon intends to digitise key customer-facing processes; including support, maintenance, and parts supply.

Lab Digital developed a minimum viable product (MVP) for the Arie Fixt ‘t app in 2018. In October 2019 we started improving the MVP and in December 2019 we launched the 2.0 version of the app!

Product registration

Pon Equipment customers can register their Caterpillar machine within the Arie Fixt ‘t app, by simply entering the unique serial number. The app then displays a photo of the machine model in the interface, alongside key technical specifications and maintenance information. 

Multiple machines can be registered on one profile, offering the owner an easy overview of their full fleet in one interface. The user has access to WhatsApp, phone, and email contact details for customer service within the app, giving them a one-stop-shop for engaging with Pon.



Pon Equipment has a vast range of Caterpillar machines. Each machine has its own specific maintenance requirements. We helped to integrate a back-end database with the Arie Fixt ‘t app, in order to automatically feed the correct maintenance conditions through to the user. 

Each new piece of Caterpillar machinery sold by Pon is equipped with hardware to track its hours of usage. This data is automatically fed to the database and displayed intuitively on the Arie Fixt ‘t user account. The user is alerted when the system calculates the need for a machine to be serviced. Thereafter, the platform offers the option to book a mechanic or DIY service.


Mechanics & DIY servicing

When the user is alerted via a push notification to the equipment’s need for a service, they can select and book an accredited Caterpillar mechanic within the Arie Fixt ‘t app. Mechanics are displayed using online profiles, containing information about prices, location, and availability. Once the user’s booking is confirmed, the status of the equipment is changed automatically.  

Depending on the equipment in question, the user may choose to conduct DIY maintenance. In this case, the app will display key manuals and instructions for how to do the job. In either scenario, the maintenance functionality is linked intelligently to the eCommerce offering.  



Users can purchase packs of spare parts and maintenance products within the Arie Fixt ‘t app, at any time. When a machine needs maintenance, the app offers the appropriate set of items that should be purchased - alongside the option to book a mechanic or conduct DIY maintenance. 

Product inventories are managed seamlessly in the eCommerce back-end, and paired with the appropriate Caterpillar equipment through smart categorisation. Pon Equipment can easily track sales through a customised online dashboard.



We used the Python Django and React Native frameworks. The eCommerce functionality is powered by our favourite open-source framework, Oscar Commerce. REST APIs link the back-end to the front-end, and we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Terraform for the infrastructure.


The result is a functional iOS and Android application. The UX is clean, clear, and optimised for ease of use. Arie Fixt ‘t encourages natural engagement with the brand, helps customers maintain their machinery better, and streamlines mechanic bookings and the purchase of parts.

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